Sat, 12/29/2012 - 03:00



One of the 3 key events of Tongyu Communication in 2011 was the implementation of CN4R strategic performance management system and the introduction of GE4R Project which lasted more than 4 months finished successfully in Jan. 03rd, 2012.
 As a concrete implementation of the initiative of board chairman Mr. Wu Zhonglin, GE4R Project had rooted in Tongyu Communication the three DNA “create value for client”, “Control cost & profit priority”, “Result oriented & 100% responsibility” and made the new DNA become all employees’ mainstream value, then guide their action and be applied in their actual work.
 From Jul. 2011 Tongyu started to dispatch employees to attend external training courses batch by batch and initiated GE4R strategic performance management project from 4th quarter of this year. It is the core of corporate culture construction and management mode reform in 2011 and 2012. The implementation of 4R Project makes Tongyu members understand these important concepts which arm middle & upper management staffs’ thinking, such as 100% responsibility, result-orientation, customer value, business personality, professionalization, real-time incentive, a good team. So far Tongyu has brought in effective management tools such as daily plan/result, weekly plan/result, weekly inquiry meeting, continuous improvement PK mechanism, benchmarking department’s introduction, red & black list mechanism and monthly plan and through internal coaches’ training, achieved obvious result. Now company’s middle & upper management staffs have begun to use the 4R thought to manage and guide them and their department’s work whi ch laid an important foundation for the full popularization of the 2012 4R management mode.
 At present, 4R management philosophy and methods have been gradually promoted and applied in all departments of the company.

Group photo of Tongyu Communication GE4R Project’s launching ceremony