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15 years’ tempering, grateful to Tongyu people. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tongyu, an evening party for thanksgiving celebration with the theme of "hand in hand to create brilliance" was held at the headquarters on Dec. 26th, 2011. Board Chairman, Mr. Wu Zhonglin, VP, Mrs. Shi Guiqing, together with all senior executives, employees and guests attended the party.
 On behalf of all the company’s stockholders, board of directors and management, Chairman, Mr. Wu zhonglin presented a passionate speech which first retraced Tongyu’s 15 years’ development history & achievements, and then clear company’s mission, vision, core value and the next-five year strategic objectives, and based on the first strategic year raised the company’s working emphases in 2012, called on all staffs together to achieve the goals of 2012, realize the common dream, and strive to build Tongyu to a world-class company in antenna and microwave component.
 Company had selected 12 theatrical programs for this performance. The party began with the marvellous dance ”Drum Rhyme of Shenzhou”. Subsequently, programs such as solos ”Tongyu Hero”, “Look Up”, “At Least I Still Have You”, dances “Charm of Cantonese Girl”, “Golden Age of China”, acrobatics and comedy were presented. During the party, “2011 Outstanding Employees”, “Advanced Collectives” and ”Long-Service Employees” were honored. Sincere greetings, melodious songs and joyful dances one after another expressed Tongyu people’s love and sincere affection on their company.
 Through a variety of rich and colorful artistic performances, the party reflected Tongyu people’s aggressive, self-perfected spirit and feature.

Tongyu’s 48 words dance