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The II Period National Project Which was Undertook by Tongyu had Passed the Inspection on November 23th,2009.
Consigned by the National Development and Reform Commission, Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission organized and presided a check and accept meeting for the project of TD-SCDMA smart antenna upgrade and output expansion, R & D and industrialization of electrical downtilt function , which was dominant by Tongyu communication Co.,Ltd, The experts of the acceptance group heard the project completion report patiently and carefully, And they also visited the workshop after went through the relevant documents.
After experts’ conscientious discussion, they came to an agreement that the project had produced a development environment for antenna and manual electrical down tilt antenna through making  full use of existing technology and material conditions, and completed the development of TD-SCDMA and other new products, achieved the annual antennas production capacity of 100K, and it reached the target given by the National Development and Reform Commission. Also the using of the project fund was complied the relevant provisions.
The project ‘s market future was very bright, and it would strongly lead a way of communication industry. And it had great significance for improving the technology level of national mobile communication, promoting the industrialization process of TD-SCDMA system.