Thu, 12/27/2012 - 03:00



Along with the development of telecommunication industry, the market demands for RF components, microwave antennas are getting much stronger. To meet the increasing market demands, further improve our production capacities, Tongyu had raised fund to build the 3rd plant, which covers 57,000m2 including factory 18,800m2 and dormitory 7,600m2 of phase 1 and formally put into production in May 2011.
Tongyu's new plant mainly produces microwave antennas, RF components (including duplexer and filter). We have also established die casting workshop, CNC machining, and parabolic shaping workshops which can produce components of our products.
The opening of this new plant has enlarged our product portfolio and enabled Tongyu to upgrade the service level for our clients in terms of production capacity, quality control, cost control and fast reaction, hence improved the comprehensive competitiveness of Tongyu.
On the day of Aug. 1st, 2011, Tongyu new plant's launching & production ceremony was held.Mr. Feng Yurong, Deputy Mayor of Zhongshan City, Mr. Hou Yibin, secretary of CPC committee of Zhongshan Torch development zone & director of administrative committee attended the ceremony and delivered greetings to Tongyu. Other government leaders and domestic & overseas customers attended the ceremony.
With 15 years' stable development, Tongyu is now exploiting domestic and overseas markets and gradually growing into a leading company in the industry.